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On 14 November 2012, Mrs Ferial Saad Hadi, wife of the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, His Excellency, Andri Hadi, officially launched the IndoChef Selera Nusantara (meaning Taste of the Indonesian Archipelago) series of cooking demonstrations promoting Indonesian food. The Ambassador’s wife shared a favourite recipe of hers for the festive period – cupcakes with an Indonesian twist, containing ingredients that you would more likely find in kueh (Indonesian cake). She was followed by Ms Eka Madriati who runs an IT business and recently opened her own cafe, DeliFresh on Pickering Street. The next editions of the IndoChef series will have demos by Indonesian master chefs, a food competition and finally exhibitions highlighting the diversity of Indonesian cuisine.

According to the Ambassador’s wife, “Selera Nusantara means the ‘Taste of the Indonesian Archipelago.’ Indonesian food is more than just Padang food or Penyet dishes. Apart from the local ways of preparing and sourcing the ingredients, Indonesian food has many other influences from India, the Middle East, China and Europe – Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.” According to Mrs Ferial, “There is a growing middle-class in Indonesia that is creating new opportunities for growth in the food industry for more quality food and variety. This is an opportunity that Singapore investors should look into.”

The IndoChef series is organised by IndoConnect Magazine. According to the publisher and Editor in Chief, Mrs Nomita Dhar, for 2013, each quarterly issue of IndoConnect will have an IndoChef event beginning with the Indonesian Master Chef cooking demonstration, followed by the IndoChef Cooking Competition and exhibitions and road shows that will present Indonesia’s diversity in regional cuisines, proving that variety is indeed the spice of life!

IndoConnect magazine is published with the support of the Indonesian Embassy and aims to keep the 200,000 strong Indonesian population – residents, permanent residents and visitors – stay connected with each other and keep them informed of events and activities of interest to the Indonesian community.

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