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Opportunity Bangladesh

H.E. Mahbub Uz Zaman
High Commissioner 
High Commission of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Singapore

“Despite challenges and obstacles Bangladesh has achieved significant progress towards achieving its development goals. Bangladesh has outperformed many other countries of comparable milieu in the social sector. In terms of increasing female literacy, reducing child and maternal mortality access to safe drinking water, Bangladesh is on the right track towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The growth rate has averaged from four to six per cent for the past ten years.

As the High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Singapore, I can proudly say that the expatriate Bangladeshi community in Singapore has made considerable contribution to our national development and economic progress and prosperity. Last year the expatriate community remitted an amount of about US$500 million. We are proud of their achievements. My message to Bangladeshi citizens is to continue to work with sincerity and devotion, to abide by the law, rules and regulations of the host country.

This year we are planning to hold a series of event to celebrate our different festivals and occasions. We are also planning to hold a Trade & Investment Seminar to increase trade and investment between two countries in April 2014. We will have Bengali New Year celebrations in April as well and following this have a Trade & Investment Seminar. We are also planning to organise visits of Trade and Investment delegations between two countries. .”

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