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I would like to highlight how we had a very positive experience working with Sun Media at the Egyptian Embassy, bearing in mind we have been dealing with Sun Media for many, many years now. In 2018, we cooperated in issuing an outstanding magazine about Egypt and on the bilateral relations between Egypt and Singapore. Sun Media did a great job!
H.E. Mohamed Ahmed Fathi Abulkheir

Ambassador, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Singapore

It has been a privilege to work with Sun Media throughout the past years. We are glad that you can showcase what you do with us as an example of what you can do for other embassies; that you are very capable of catering to the very specific demands of embassies here. It is not an easy niche to understand but you really excel in this.
H.E. Flavio Soares Damico

Ambassador, Embassy of Brazil, Singapore

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